Stephen Curry Biography

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Stephen Curry is very popular among his fans for many reasons. For one, he has talent, but he still uses it to his full potential. He trains whenever he can and he truly wants to become a better player. Curry is a strong believer in God and he says that he owes everything to him. As a Catholic, I myself like Steph Curry even more for this reason. Steph is a guy that you truly cannot hate for who he is. He’s a family man. As we’ve all probably seen before, his young daughter, Riley, did a post game interview with him. The cuteness of his daughter not only gave Steph a popularity boost, but the whole Curry clan. Last but not least, he’s a very humble guy. Not a lot of people have that quality, but he displays it well through his life on and off court. In the world of boxing, Muhammad Ali is seen as the greatest of all time by many. Love or hate him, you have to eventually admire his greatness. He was born with the name Cassius Clay on January 17, 1942. In 1964, he changed his name because he claimed that it was a…show more content…
He was great because of his drive to win and his mindset of a champion. Not only do his fans know his through his game, but his brand as well. His shoes are the most popular and best selling shoes currently in the U.S. People even camp outside of shoes stores to get a chance at purchasing his shoes. Why are they so popular? They’re made by the greatest of all time himself. I read a story about Michael Jordan being cut from his high school basketball team. Little did his coach know that he got rid of the best basketball player ever. This motivated me and every other young athlete to keep trying even when things seem impossible. Jordan is seen as a basketball player, team owner, brand owner, and role model. He motivates me to become a better basketball player and work hard everyday. Basketball will never have another Michael
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