Stephen Curry: The Best Basketball Player In The NBA

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Have you ever watched the National Basketball Association? Many great players have played in the NBA, and one of them is Stephen Curry. If you watch the NBA on T.V. it 's a lot different, because if you watch them in person they are huge, but watching them on T.V. they look fairly small. Stephen Curry is the best NBA point guard and the best basketball player in the NBA because he makes the most money, he holds the record for the most three pointers made in the season, he has the best statistics in the NBA. Also, he was picked seventh overall in the 2009 draft, and he was named Most Valuable Player during the 2014-15 season. On the other hand, Stephen Curry was drafted to the Golden State Warriors when he was picked seventh overall during the 2009 NBA draft. Stephen was born in Akron, Ohio, but he grew up in Charolette. Stephen Curry is the son of a very good NBA player Dell Curry, and an older brother to a former NBA player Seth Curry. He was named MVP (Most Valuable Player) after leading the Warriors to a franchise record and NBA best 67 wins on the season. Stephen Curry is considered the best three point shooter in the NBA, because he made 272 three pointers in…show more content…
In conclusion, knowing that he is the best NBA basketball player, I can conclude that everyone else believes this claim is true. Stephen Curry is considered the best because he has the best salary, he holds the record for the most three pointers in one season, and he also has the best statistics in the NBA. Considering these things, I can estimate that he is going to be known as another Michael Jordan some day. Micheal Jordan was a professional basketball player. He played for the Bulls, not the Warriors, but the Bulls and Warriors did have games against each other. At this time, Stephen wasn 't playing in the NBA yet, only his dad Dell Curry was. Dell and Micheal battle to get rebounds and steals every time they played each. By them to working hard and doing this, it made each of them a better
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