Stephen Curry: The Greatest Professional Basketball Player

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Stephen Curry is possibly the greatest professional basketball player in the world and he is only twenty-eight. He is amazing, most people don 't even think he is human. I don 't know how he does what he does but I respect him very much. I have always tried to perfect his shot. All though, I got pretty good at it I know that I will never be as good as him. He is my icon, not to mention he gave me the drive to become a better player. Outside of Stephen’s astounding basketball career he is a great father to two kids Ryan and Riley Curry. Riley is three and Ryan is only 10 months. The kids always talk over him in the press room during interviews. He has a beautiful wife named Ayesha Curry that own a nice house in Oakland. The family is very…show more content…
The next year he went off, making his team number one in the rankings. You couldn 't stop Stephen Curry no matter what you tried to do. He could do everything as a guard. He could shoot forty feet away, he could pass, and he could dribble. His ball handling skills were like no other. He led his team to the finals as they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers six-two making stephen Curry a champion. People couldn 't believe how he made the team pull together and how good he was. Some people thought that it might be all over though, that he would be a one year wonder. He proved them wrong, the next year, season 2015/2016 he led his team in beating not only one of the best records of all time but the most records of all time. It was the bulls and his coach’s record for most wins in a single season, 73-9, beating the previous record of 72-10. Everyone knew that they were the best team in the history of the game but the question was if they could beat the Cavs again in the championship. They played though the finals and had made it back to the championship. After a long season it had finally happened, it was The Golden State Warriors vs. The Cleveland Cavaliers. The warriors went and beat them 2-0 with two game left, everyone in the world knew that steph had done it again. He was beaten up bad though and had to sit out a game over a twisted ankle. He fought through the next game making it 3-1. They played on and ended up losing 4-3 to the Cavs making them the new champions, but in everyone 's minds and hearts the warriors were still the best team in the league at that time. This year Stephen Curry has good and bad games. People think it was from his injuries from the previous year, that he will come back and play like he did in 2014/2016. Some believe his career is over. I 'm sure most of the other fans are praying because they want their team to shine. This year Stephen Curry did beat a record for most three pointers in a single game. He scored fourteen threes against

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