Stephen Curry's Overcoming Obstacles

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Do you know how many NBA (National Basketball Association) basketball players have quiet courage? I believe that the MVP (Most Valuable Player) Stephen Curry has silent bravery. Stephen Curry needed quiet determination. Stephen Curry is looking for a college basketball coach that would accept him to play for the college and he is seeking what basketball team he will be draft to for the NBA. Finally when Stephen Curry was meeting new people on the team he had courage. Stephen Curry is a hardworking man who has quiet courage.
Getting into a famous college was tough for Stephen Curry and his extraordinary family for a number of colleges did not accept Stephen Curry do to his physical appearance. Also his incredible family worked firm and hard to earn Stephen Curry in college. When his family were searching to find him an extraordinary college to play basketball for it was exhausting. They were investigating to find a fantastic college with a good basketball program like Duke, UNC, Virginia Tech, and other ACC teams. Coaches from enormous colleges judged Stephen Curry. Coaches said that he was to small and to weak to play for gigantic colleges. Then Stephen Curry found a college called Davidson Wildcats coached by Bob McKillop. After he told his amazing parents and his parents agreed
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What stood out to me was Stephen Curry did not draw his attention about the excruciating comments he kept following his incredible dream and practiced. Also he ignored incredible mean comments coming from horrible students who are bullies from other enormous schools but again he keeps on practicing and not worrying about the huge comments. Also Stephen Curry 's amazing family assist him over those mean comments from bully’s. Stephen Curry aspired his humongous dream and did not worry about the harsh comments around him when going into the NBA. Stephen Curry will always be a desired hard working basketball player that will have quiet
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