Stephen E. Ambrose's Nothing Like It In The World

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Stephen E. Ambrose was born on January 10, 1936, in Decatur, IL. He died of lung cancer on October 13, 2002 in Bay Saint Louis, MS. Stephen Ambrose was son of Stephen Hedges and Rosepha Ambrose, Ambrose’s father was a family physician. His hobbies were canoeing, biking, woodworking and mountain hiking. He has a lot of memberships (American Committee on World War II – Member, board of directors. American Historical Association, American Military Institution- member, boards of director; member, board of trustees,. Etc…) Ambrose assisted the Louisiana State University in New Orleans, LA. He was assistant professor in 1960-64, later being a professor in 1971-89. Stephen is that kind of very grateful person. He did not forget any individual to thanks…show more content…
It seemed to him useless to write another simple book on the subject, but when he read the papers about basic literature, he was surprised about it. The idea was finalized. “Nothing Like It in the World” is a narrative story what talks about the design of the railroads and their construction. The purpose that the author has to us is to show us what was the influence of the railroad during the Civil War. How is the main point of this book, but also it talks about who created the first railroad and which were the connections and the routes. Stephen Ambrose said here in the book is that Grenville M. Dodge was the America’s greatest railroad-builder. Many engineers, foremen and all the veterans during the War made it happen. The book also shows why the financiers help with this project, what was their intention to it (railroad)? How they obtained the ability to move money in the fastest way is one of the many themes that this talks…show more content…
Firs of all it shows us an elephant, this mean the construction of the railroad that was very real and it had a lot of polemic. These chapters say that the bill of the railroad acted when Lincoln signed the construction (Pacific Railroad Act) Judah telegraphed his partners of the project and said that the elephant was done, so all he wanted was to revise if he can take advantage of it. The flexibility of his partners also contradicted the engineering of Judah. Lincoln died in April 1865 before the Civil War end. But Lincoln’s death was not a limit for the railroad because the Americans looked to bright it to the West and the East for Sierra Nevada in California. Also talks about immigrants that were born in Ireland or elsewhere in Europe. They (immigrants) lured by the promises and high wages commanded by bosses. The problems increased, when the Chinese workers whom built the railroad that crossed the Sierra Nevada mountains in California had social conflicts with California and not only that. Furthermore they had conflicts in their relationship with their superior

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