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In this article, “Why We Love TV’s Anti-heroes,” the author Stephen Garrett argues that in today’s society our whole perspective of heroes has changed since the mid-twentieth century. Garrett is appealing to all American’s who love watching their favorite TV heroes and heroines. In addition, Garrett’s main focus is the fact today’s heroes entirely different from what the idea of a “hero” was two or three decades ago. The author relies on generally accepted ideas from the American public to base his main idea; he uses sources from popular TV shows and movies which have anti-heroes that draw the attention of their audience. “But now we’re fighting wars - Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, the War on Terror - where it’s far less clear who the enemy is, indeed whether there is an enemy at all, or even that we are the …show more content…

An example of this is the infamous Johnny Manziel, who inevitably believed because he was a “big shot football quarterback” he could get away with his corrupt idea of raping his girlfriend. Although I agree with this on a national level I disagree with this on a personal level. I believe there our heroes all around our community; one person I see as my hero is my brother. My brother is a paramedic/EMT and a volunteer firefighter. He dedicates everyday of his life to ensuring the safety of others and helping those in need when they are sick and hurting. Ultimately, there are heroes around the world we just have to search harder to find them in today’s corrupt society. I think that Garrett appeals to his audience because he uses many famous TV shows and movies to support his statement describing his idea about anti-heroes. This essay’s conclusion does make sense to me because he is saying we see corruption and confusion everyday by famous people in the media. Additionally, he says that there are no more heroes only anti-heroes because this is the way of the world

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