Stephen Hawking Contributions

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Many people in today 's society are aware of Stephen Hawking and some of his brief accomplishments, yet do not know how he got to where he is today. Relax and enjoy yourself, and take a few moments to learn about how he got to where he ended up, some of his most crucial accomplishments, and the person that influenced him most in his life. On January eighth in 1942, the 300th anniversary since Galileo 's death, Stephen Hawking entered the world in oxford England. He was born during world war two, a time that was very hard on families and the economy. Stephen Hawking grew up just outside of London along the side of his family who was very familiar with the science world. His dad, Frank Hawking, was a physician and research biologist who focused on tropical diseases. Isobel Hawking, his mother, was the daughter of a physician. Following the birth of their first child, Stephen, they, Frank and Isobel, went on to have two daughters and adopt a baby boy. Stephen’s siblings names were Mary, Phillipa and Edward. Stephen started this education at St. Alban’s school, a catholic school, in 1952. Michael White and John Gribbin described Stephen during his early years of education in Stephen Hawking: A life in Science, “He was eccentric and awkward, skinny and punny. His school uniform always looked a mess and, according to his friends, he jabbered rather than talked clearly, having inherited a slight lisp from his father.” Not long after starting his education, around his middle
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