Stephen Hawking Definition Of Honor

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The definition for Honor is high respect. To me the word Honor means a lot more to me than high respect, my definition of honor is a lot of hard work and dedication. For example Stephen Hawking was a very hardworking man and he had a disease called ALS, ALS is when over time you eventually become paralysed. Even though he had this horrible disease it didn’t stop him from experimenting and discovering new things.

Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford, England on the date of January 8, 1942. His first love was mathematics. Figuring out a complicated math problem was just natural to Stephen. I think that it is truly amazing that he can do all of these things with or without his disability.

In 1966 he was awarded fellowship at Gonville because he completed doctorate, he also applies ideas to the study of the black hole. In 1973 he discovered that the black holes could leak energy and particles into outer space. Their is a society called the Royal Society and it is a worldwide fellowship of scientist, Hawking was inducted in 1974.
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One of his discoveries was that black holes are not silent but they are emit radiation. Hawking revised his theory in 2014 that there are no black holes. His first book is called A Brief History of
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