Stephen Hawking: Defying The Odds

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Defying the Odds Imagine trying to accomplish your life goals not being able to talk without the use of a machine and not being able to physically move without the help of a nurse. Stephen Hawking is a scientist that studies and creates theories on the universe. Hawking has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) which prevents him from physically moving and he can only talk through machine. Even with ALS, Stephen Hawking was able to positively impact our society because his theories and discoveries have advanced our knowledge about the universe, he has attempted to teach society his complex concepts in simple terms, and he has inspired a lot of people by not letting ALS get in his way success. To begin with, Stephen Hawking has impacted our…show more content…
Being diagnosed with ALS can be very heartbreaking. Having ALS restricts Hawking’s mobility and puts him in a wheelchair. Since it also robs him of his speak, he uses a voice synthesizer to speak (Scientist: Their Lives and Works 4). Hawking, since being diagnosed with ALS at just the age of 21,has had to do double the work than anyone else to just get the same outcome. Secondly, Hawking was struck with the news he may not live to much longer at such a young age. “Death usually comes two or three years after the initial diagnosis” (Scientist: Their Lives and Works 4). He has to try to overlook the fact that he may not live to be 24 and attempt to live his life to the fullest. Hawking has pushed through all the hard things in his life and has proven to be a huge inspiration. He was able to still be alive today because his disease stabilized before his organs stopped functioning. Thirdly, he is an inspiration because he finds joy in his life even if he can’t function properly. “He credited marriage and family as well as work for giving him a purpose” (Scientist: Their Lives and Works 4). People love how he credits his family for pushing himself through the hard parts in life and making him the man he is today. Those reasons are why so many people see Stephen Hawking as inspirational. Stephen Hawking is one of the smartest people to ever live on this planet and he has had such a huge impact on science. Because of Hawking’s theories and discoveries that advanced our knowledge of the universe, the way he has taught society his concepts and inspiring people by not letting ALS get in his way of success has proven he has positively impacted our society. Stephen Hawking hasn’t let anything stop him from achieving his goal and you shouldn’t let anything get in your way
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