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Writer of more than twenty-six successful novels, “Stephen King is one of the most influential American writers of horror fiction of the latter half of the twentieth century, he is certainly the most popular” according to American Novelist (Barth 1753). He mainly wrote on the genres of American horror and fantasy with a different life focus in each of his books such as “Misery in 1987” which focused on writer and reader relationships (“King, Stephen” The Concise). Stephen King is in a way a family man. He had a rather difficult family life, but he never abandoned them. Even though Stephen King has written many popular books, the majority of his popularity today is from the movies based on his books (“King, Stephen” The Author). As a well-known…show more content…
He was awarded “The National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters” in two thousand three for several of his works (“King, Stephen” The Author). He was a well-known and respected author with magazine appearances such as the New Yorker and Ph.D. dissertations (Bleiler525). Although King does not have the best critic reputation, seven of his novels earned a spot on the top “Twenty-five Publisher Weekly” list or best-sellers. “The twenty-five titles on the list sold a combined total of 25,889,924 copies and from that total 7,269,929 meaning 28…show more content…
Well-known writer, teacher, and family man Stephen King has written many award winning novels on the topics of American horror and fantasy, due to his slightly difficult life as an author from Maine. “In King’s novels the bogeyman does not vanish when the light comes on; he stays and terrifies children and adult alike. King seems to be saying that the horror waits for everyone just beneath the phony surface sophistication that people prefer to believe they can maintain, even in the face of the nameless terror waiting in the closets of childhood bedrooms” (Barth1754). Stephen King is a well-respected author of American horror

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