Stephen King And Chuck Klosterman Analysis

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Natalia Navarro English 101 Julia Raybould-Rodgers 21 February 2018 King Vs. Klosterman Both Stephen King and Chuck Klosterman believe that many people watch horror movies for the thrill and excitement, however Klosterman uses horror movies as a metaphor while King uses horror movies as a sense of relief. Horror movies have always been such a popular genre that people watch. The horror genre is one of the top genres to watch other than comedy and romance. Many people may enjoy horror movies, while many others may not enjoy horror movies. Horror movies are always so intense and suspenseful, the music slowly playing in the background making you more anxious for that one scene that is about to scare you out of your chair. You know you’re…show more content…
There are many people who enjoy watching horror movies and many others who hate horror movies; personally, I’m one of those people who just dislikes horror movies. Both Stephen King and Chuck Klosterman have similar opinions on why we watch horror movies which is for that electrifying feeling. As well as, both Stephen King and Chuck Klosterman analyses differently why we watch horror movies. As King states that we are all mentally ill which is true. We all build up anger and frustration that creates an insane side of us. We can’t act like were okay all the time as if we didn’t have any problems of our own because than sooner or later we’ll have to let them out. We might not know how to deal with our anxieties and fears. That’s why King believes that the horror movies help us with them. We are able to portray ourselves as the monster, letting us have some sort of psychic relief. Klosterman gives an example with horror as to how our society is turning. He believes we are becoming just like zombies doing the same repetitive stuff. Our society has become so attached to their electronics, social media accounts, and technology that we have become so unaware of our surroundings. We don 't seem to ever get a break from the internet, that 's why we don’t even realize that it is destroying us. With King, we are able to use horror as a mechanism for our problems we are going through and our fears and anxieties we have within us. As with Klosterman he makes us realize with horror movies how our society is turning us into zombies. Both King and Klosterman did a great job explaing to the readers why we need horror
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