Stephen King Banned Essay

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How’d That Happen? : Stephen King’s Banned Book Carrie Introduction: What is read during someone’s childhood, can influence their writing perspectives. Not only does the daily reading help, but support from friends and family can send authors down a successful road. Stephen King is an award winning author of many banned books. Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine on September 21, 1947 (Pr. 13) He was the second child (222). At age two, his father left (526). He started submitting short stories to Newspapers at age twelve (1021). His lived a life that would be described as the “American Dream” (1) For a while, King pumped gas for a job (224). He also directed the movie, Maximum Overdrive (16). King taught creative writing…show more content…
The first and number one banned book is the Bible (Dell 26). Reasons for banning books can be religious, political, social, and sexual content (11). Books in Pakistan are burned just so girls can’t read them and get an education (11). Kings books have been banned all around the world for various reasons, a few are the norm like sexual content and cussing. In several places that Carrie is banned it is considered “trash” or “age appropriateness”. It has also been banned because it didn’t meet standards of the public. Carrie has been banned in several places. In 1987 it was banned from West Lyon Community School (Pr). In 1994 it was banned along with eight other by a minister in Bismark North Dakota (Pr). Also in 1994 it was challenged by a parent in the Jr. High East Library in Boyertown Pennsylvania (Pr). In 1975 it was challenged at Clark High School (Pr). In 1978 Carrie was delegated to a special classes shelf in Union High School(Pr). VI. Conclusion : Carrie is a banned book by award winning author Stephen King. Banning books is an antiquated way for people to get offensive books off the shelves. Banned or not banned Carrie is a wonderful book that gives an accurate insight to how high school works and how terrible it can be for the unpopular
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