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There are many different kinds of kids that are lonely everywhere you go and have feelings of anger, like those that are displayed in Stephen King’s “Carrie.” This book is based on real life issues about people getting hurt due to frustrated people when their anger gets the best of them.Carrie is one of these frustrated kids that lives lonely with no moral love from anyone and this makes her angry and upset. Carrie is a unique character that brings many types of conflicts into people's lives. She is a young teenager that is blind to the real world and everything that revolves around a normal teenager’s life and events that happen. Carrie’s anger, frustration, and lack of people with whom she can comfortably talk to brings out these supernatural…show more content…
Most of the mental abuse happened in school while the physical abuse happened at home. Sue Snell, the lead cheerleader and girlfriend of the starting quarterback, was one of Carrie’s daily abusers. Since Mrs. D, the P.E teacher can not help when things happen, but is still the person/teacher that she goes to for assistance and help from these students. The principal said, “I’m sorry but we can’t do anything because there were no witnesses,” even though there were witnesses. Carrie is always bullied by these students about her appearance and awkwardness which results in the horrible events that take place, but the students decide not to befriend her because they are in question about what kind of life she has to live and her response to trying…show more content…
Many events that Carrie takes place in are inhumane and disgusting to be put onto a human. Senior prom was an event for everyone to remember from the humiliation of Carrie and the uproar of her revenge. “I’ll make you all pay for what you’ve done” is the statement Carrie made as soon as she went off on everyone is her revenge speech when the pig’s blood is dumped on her. The night of prom, the boys were manipulated into doing things to Carrie that they weren’t comfortable with, like taking her to prom just to embarrass her in front of the school by dumping a bucket of pig's blood on her after being announced prom queen and brought up to the stage. Carrie had all of the anger that she needed to “snap” and go ballistic on everyone in the gym, school and nearly half of the city of Chamberlain. She resorts to the “demonic power” to hurt and kill multiple students in her reason of abuse and manipulation. The power that she slightly knew about took over her entire body without her permission and destroyed anything and everything in her way. She is later found to her mother house because of the things her mother has done to her to get revenge while her body was later found dead at her house by Sue. That situation had her mom stab her in her heart because of her believes that she always stuck to think that Carrie always had a demonic
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