Stephen King Hyperbole Analysis

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In the start of the introduction, Stephen King begins with a biological experience that he had in Sophomore year of High School. He uses his personal writing experience from the past to inform me about how bad of a writer he was. Stephen, uses hyperbole which seems to be pretty enthusiastic to me. Into the article, he demonstrates his enthusiastic characteristic by writing “I wasn’t suspended. I was forced to make a number of apologies- they were warranted, but still they tasted dog dirt into my mouth –and I spent a week in detention.” Seems funny right? But in more detail, going into the article. He hands over his shitty paper to his friend whereas he though he did well on, in which he did but some errors were needed to be fixed. The paper was over a basketball game. Which a team member from his school Lisbon High to be exact, broke a record on. The story was in great formatting, but it needed less words and more relevancy. After his paper was review his friend Gould, encourage him that he should consider becoming a writer for a living (Sarcastically) he threw the back of his head and laughed. In the bac of Stephen mind, it gave him a sense of an idea…show more content…
Well, he explains it in the last paragraph. The a few mainly point out of the 10 topics of the article, included to be Talent? What is talent he asks in the begging of paragraph. Well he wrote if you’re not getting paid then, your garbage. Secondly, good judgment on yourself. Most people have an issue with reviewing over their paper and thinking that it’s good enough to the reader. Don’t be selfish review your paper, and think about the reader. Thirdly, be neat, and remove extraneous word. Please believe that you don’t need extra wording in your paper, people don’t have all day to read wordy paper. Fourthly, which I though these were important, write to entertain, meaning think of the reader. what does he or she want to hear about the story that is
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