Carrie By Stephen King Analysis

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American author, Stephen King is known for his, rather, disturbing and on edge movies. Some might say he is the best when it comes to horror films. He knew the best ways to get under people 's skin, and when to do it. Each one of his movies took a different approach. There is a movie or everyone, and their fears. Whether it was animals, clowns or even small children, Stephen King knew how to make it scary. What made him one of the best was, there were different focuses of fear on each movie he made; you could see it in the movie trailers. The movie Carrie was released in 1976. It was about a high school girl that was bullied at school and had to come home to an unstable mother. Throughout the trailer it shows Carrie getting bullied, physically…show more content…
Cujo wasn’t always, a vicious killer. He was just a normal and curious as any other dog would be, but his curiosity will make his life take a turn for the worst. In the very beginning of the trailer narrator, tells us that there is nothing scarier than what lives in castle rock lane. Immediately, we want to know, what lives there and why is it so scary. We then see blood dropping and it lands on the name "Cujo". There is a lot of buildup music, and even the classic cricket noise at night sound. Soon the image of the dog is seen and we all know that this is not a normal dog. The blood falling on the name is representing that, the dog will bring the blood. The trailer also shows many people running away looking down or the camera is angled low to the ground as if we were looking out the eyes of the killer dog. It shows a small boy also, which mean there is no boundaries, no one is safe. A loving pet can easily be turned into a…show more content…
The three movies that was presented to you proves that you can use a wild variety of thing to use for fear. Everyone fears something. In each of the trailers, the killer of the story was shown many times throughout the trailer. The only differences were their approaches. Stephen Kings gave each of them a different purpose. If not, then all the movies would have basically had the same story line. You have a girl that can move things with her mind, a rabbit dog, and a car that is alive. None of those are the same, but they all had the same mission, and that’s to kill. It is amazing to know that even though we know that a horror movie is going to involve a killer, just like the rest of them, we still want to watch. This is because the trailers are put together so well, it draws us in to where we almost can 't say no. Stephen King also played a big role in keeping things different and never the same. Therefore, he is the king of horror, and truly one of a
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