Stephen King Past Vs Present Day

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Everyone has those memories that aren’t so great, something like a funeral, or an accident. However, only so many people have the burden of a murder on their mind. In the novel It by Stephen King, it changes between present day and the past, and about 160 pages in, it flashes back to June of 1958, which is when everything happened. At the beginning, you learn that Ben has a crush on Bev, which makes him daydream sometimes. One day, he was at the library and when he walked out, daydreaming, Henry Bowers, Victor Criss, and Belch Huggins were across the street, waiting for him. They jumped him, due to Henry failing because Ben wouldn 't let him copy his exam. Henry wants him to remember that whenever he says to let him copy, Ben will say ‘okay’,…show more content…
Another example of this type of suspense-making is present day time, at the beginning of the book, when the teenagers ‘accidentally kill’ the gay man. He goes from each story, then to back when it was happening, then back to the stories. One example of this from the beginning is, “‘If you need help, Don,’ the clown said, ‘help yourself to a balloon.. And it offered the bunch it held in one hand. ‘They float,’ the clown said. ‘Down here we all float, pretty soon your friend will float, too.’ -(skip to section 12)- ‘This clown called you by name,’ Jeff Reeves said in a totally expressionless voice. He looked over Hagarty’s bent head at Harold Gardener, and one eye drew down in a wink. ‘Yes,’ Hagarty said, not looking up. ‘I know how it sounds.’ -(skip to section 13)- ‘So then you threw him over,’ Boutillier said. ‘Bum’s rush.’ ’Not me!’ Unwin said, looking up. He flicked the hair out of his eyes with one hand and stared at them urgently. ‘When I saw they really meant to do it, I tried to pull Steve away, because I knew the guy might get banged up…. It was like ten feet to the water….’ It was twenty-three. One oChief Rademacher’s patrolmen had already measured. ‘But it was like he was crazy. The two of them kept yelling “Bum’s rush! Bum’s rush!” and they picked him up, Webby had him under the arms and Steve had him by the seat of the pants, and… and…’ -(skip to section 14)- When Hagarty saw what they were doing, h rushed back toward them, screaming ‘No! No! No!’ at the top of his voice…” (page
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