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Stephen King’s birthplace is Portland, Maine. His parents are Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. Stephen King is a university of Maine graduate, he graduated with a B.S. in English and a minor in dramatics. King has several major achievements for his literary masterpieces. King is most known for writing novels, short stories and screenplays; not many people know about the children’s book he published. Stephen King, American author, writes about every nightmare producing topic imaginable, and Stephen King is one of the best horror fiction novelists, who has written the greatest horror fiction novels of the twentieth and twenty first century.
Stephen King has been living in Maine for the majority of his life. Maine is the setting most often
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He arranges for Carrie and her date to be nominated the queen and king of the ball, however when they are crowned several buckets full of blood are dumped on the Carrie and her date. This infuriates Carrie and causes her to release her fury using her telekinetic powers. When Carrie calms down, she sees that she has demolished the entire town. The damage is so severe that the small town appears to have been through a nuclear attack from a foreign enemy. Startlingly, there is one survivor of the carnage. The survivor is the girlfriend of Tommy Ross, Susan…show more content…
He is credited with being the author to revive the genre of horror fiction. One thing that makes his work so great is the fact that his works can be linked together. It is as if his novels are all planets in one giant, horrifying, alternate universe. Each story if put together would make the biggest tale of nightmares imaginable. Stephen King states this was not intentionally done. One example of his work being linked together is found when comparing the shine in the Dark Tower series and the telekinetic powers found in Carrie. It is possible that Carrie possesses a wrathful version of the shine. There are other examples of King’s literature being linked together. Pennywise from It and Dandelo from the Dark Tower Series are both heinous entities that are propelled by fear. Further supporting the hypothesis that Stephen King’s novels make the ultimate horror story, the territories from the Talisman is extremely identical to the Mid-world, which is found in the Dark Tower series. The co-authors of the Talisman have made this conclusion since 2001, which is when Black House was released. Only a true literary genius could, in one way or another, subconsciously conjugate every novel they have
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