Stephen King Rhetorical Analysis

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“Stephen King Essay Response” Over time the idea of entertainment changes. In the past entertainment consisted of live events. Today entertainment consists of live events, movies, plays, etc. Entertainment can further be broken down into smaller categories: mystery, suspense, horror, romance, etc. Although both time frames consider live events as entertainment, they differ from one another greatly. While those differ, past live entertainment and movies today are very similar. In Stephen King’s essay, King states and further explains the idea that past time public lynching is a lot like todays horror films. “How?” one may ask. The idea is actually quite simple. Entertainment is a form of pleasure in the past and the present. People do not…show more content…
Those emotions are among some of the first that are taught throughout childhood and continued into adulthood. Underneath all of those emotions hide the crazy emotions that everyone finds within them selves later in life, perhaps when watching a horror film. In the older times of the past lynching was watched by everyone throughout the town, as a form of entertainment. The watching of this lynching was a way for everyone to let his or her emotions roam free (King 562). If the emotions were not able to roam free then there may have been a more severe level of insanity within the community. The build up of emotions may have led to all of the people killing one another. There are various ways to express the variety emotions. Horror films bring out the frightful emotions within everyone. The answer to “how is lynching a lot like horror films today?” is quite simple. Insanity and emotions control the minds of humans. Without lynching, from the past, and horror films today the insanity of humans would be through the roof. Its more than entertainment, its containing ourselves to behave like the human beings which we are expected to act
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