Stephen King's Everyone Gets Whats Coming To Them

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A happy ending, that’s usually only something that is expected in Disney movies and fairy tales, not so much in a Stephen King short story. Other than an ending that everything sort of falls perfectly into place, this short story is full of different perspectives and themes, yet it also still keeps you on the edge of your seat with a mysterious vibe. The theme of “everyone gets whats coming to them” or “karma” per say is definitely one of the most prevalent themes. Although Mr. Hagstrom did put himself in the position he was in with a loud verbally abusing wife and an annoying disrespectful son, he stayed patient and humble and simply was being walked all over. You feel sympathy for him in the since that he is simply stuck in his current situation with basically no way to get out. At the same time simply killing them would make you as a reader feel guilty in the since that is morally no way to solve your problems. Stephen king sort of puts this word processor in story as a tool for making us not feel as bad per say, and by using the word “deleted” consistently throughout the essay has the same effect. Another reason I feel this story is so remembered, other than the sci-fi effect, is that a…show more content…
There is also a nice slice of the audience that can relate to his situation, maybe not exactly, but in a sense. He simply sits back and takes all the blunt ends of any situation, yet never is angry enough to do anything about it. This remotely displays the theme of “good things happen to those who wait” by showing Mr.Hagstrom putting up with the disrespect and rudeness and never being pushed over the edge. In the end everything all works out in sort of a satisfying, yet extraordinarily way that genuinely captivates the

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