Stephen King: The Struggle Between Good And Evil

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Stephen King was born September twenty-first, 1947, in Portland, Maine. (Baughan 13). His parents were Ruth King and Donald King (Baughan 13). Before King was born his mother was told she would not be able to have children (Baughan 13). this led to the adoption of David, King's older brother, in 1945 (Baughhan 13). The Kings were a typical family until one night, Donald king abandoned the family with no justification, king was two years old (Baughhan 13). with no warning, Ruth King was left to care for the family alone (Baughan 13). They traveled around many different states in order for Miss King to provide for the family, in 1958 they settled down in Durham (Baughan 13). King attended fifth and sixth grade in a one-room school house (Baughan…show more content…
However, Needful Things show examples of how King explains moral code (Bloom 83). There is always good and evil present in his literature, with such novels as The Shining and IT. His monsters and villains stem from real human evil (Bloom 84). King's father leaving was an emotional blow that led to his attraction to horror (Bloom 7). King stated that he needed his own outlet without a having a father (Bloom 7). When he was four years old his playmate was hit by a train and killed; King claims he has no conscious memory of the incident (Baughan 14). Another experience that has inspired King's writing was the death of his grandmother, king was the one who discovered her; this led to the story Gramma (Baughan 14). King frequently read comic books and adventure tales by Jack London, this inspired him to write his own stories (Baughan 14). King enjoyed these comics so much he copied the them as his own (Bloom 6). When he told his mother that he plagiarized them, she said he could do better than the Combat Casey junk (Bloom 6). As King recalls, “I remember an immense feeling of possibility at the idea, as if I had been unshered into a vast building filled with closed doors and had been given leave to open any I
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