Stephen King Why We Crave Horror Movies Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis: Why We Crave Horror Movies
Stephen King’s ‘Why We Crave Horror Movies’ contains lots of ideas regarding the issue of horror movies. Human beings are unique creation; their behaviors are varied from one to another. Humans tend to go to the extreme and conduct themselves in inhumane manner. He describes lots of matters that constitute the life of a person and what makes him or her tend to have some behaviors. He associates different animal characters with that of the human beings and puts more force into it in terms of what pushes people to be close to horror activities. From King’s point of argument is that humans are afraid of their inhumane nature that they do not want to see it in reality, but
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For instance, the word ‘why’ has been used in several occasions to create a sense of questioning or a rhetoric thinking. He first uses the word in the topic ‘Why we crave for horror movies’. This signifies that he is interested in thinking beyond the words spoken. Before reading the article, the reader will pose questions in the mind and come up with ideas that may make him or her understand what is being said better. In paragraph 13, he asks “Why bother”, meaning he does not necessarily need an answer but the reader has to also take time to reflect on the words (King 1).
Another reason why humans love watching horror movies is the point that they tend to prove a point of not being able to fear anything. When people go to movie theatres to watch a horror movie, they believe that they do not fear anything. Some take their friends and even spouses to watch the horror movies and teasing them. The Halloween is one example of the effects of horror movies. The period is meant for pranks, where people dress in crazy and scare attire in order to tease others. Halloween in itself was a horror movie and humans are takin their time to prank others as a casual issue. King says that the emotions and fears of a person can be affected by watching the horror movies Therefore, watching horror movies makes people not to have fear but be

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