Stephen King's 10 Rules For Effective Writing

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Mr. Stephen King and the creator of “10 Rules for Effective Writing” have constructed a sensational amount of advice that I believe should be referred to often. When Mr. King elaborates on the quality of his writing by allowing the audience a story of his life to enhance the interest of his readers. He describes how his son loved watching Clarence Clemons’ play his saxophone and then he demanded the opportunity to play the saxophone. After seven months of playing Mr. Stephen King noticed that his son’s behavior had change, as well as his enthusiasm. He would only play when accompanied by the music teacher, the music was no longer about fun, but rehearsal and repetition of the material. He had simply lost interest in the instrument, however he still enjoyed listening to Clarence Clemons’…show more content…
I was ecstatic about the whole experience, my mom would take me to the green belt by our house and practice throwing and catching with me and take me to batting cages with my sister and my grandfather. Later she enrolled me in a recreational league called Chandler Girls softball where I played on a team with my current best friend Laney. I loved the game, not only the actual game but the relationships and teamwork that has made me a better person. Since then I have played on multiple Chandler Girls Softball teams, my middle school team, and last year I was blessed enough to have gained a spot with my high school varsity team. Till this day I still play with my best friend and participate with after game rituals of dinner. I expect to continue playing softball throughout the rest of my high school years and hopefully college. Even if I do not play for my college I intend on playing recreational league like my mom with my friends. Mr. Stephen King discussed the devotion to one thing is similar to reading and writing, I hope that I will be fortunate enough to experience this in even more
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