Stephen King's Influenced My Writing

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My family has never really been big on reading, except for my uncle and me. My uncle could read a 700-page book in 3 days or less and always happened to read the same stuff I love to read. I strongly believe he is the reason I have a passion for reading. My uncle has always given me new books every Christmas that are almost always a new Stephen King book. This paper will be discussing how my uncle influenced me to start reading and thus began my love for Stephen King novels.
I started reading when I was fairly young, around six or seven. I have always loved reading suspense and horror books. A few years later after I got a little older my uncle decided to give me my first Stephen King. The book was called “Needful Things” and it has been my
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His books have always been there when I was down and just something about them has a way of making my day seem better. I guess it makes me think at least my day isn’t going as bad as the people in this book. Stephen Kings books seem to have given me an escape when things got bad or when things got tough and I just needed to take a step back and relax for a second. I am thankful that Stephen King has written such wonderful books to help me through the hurdles in my life while I found ways to work through them. One day I would love to meet Stephen King and thank him for writing such amazing novels that have helped me through my life ever since my uncle had given me the first Stephen King book I had ever…show more content…
In the end, with the help of Stephen King books that I have gotten from my uncle, I have managed to get through the tough times in my life easier than I probably would have without them. It is amazing how much just a single book can change someone’s life for the better in more ways than anyone could imagine. I believe that everyone should have an uncle like mine to help them and build up their love of reading. Maybe someone can show other people how it can help their lives in a beneficial way and maybe it can help them through their tough times in life like it did for
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