Stephen King Multiverse Analysis

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Stephen King’s multiverse is extraordinarily unique and different from this universe, but at the same time, his multiverse has similar underlying principles in which all beings are governed by.
King uses a complex network of connections between the infinite number of universes to unify them into one immense multiverse, and the epicenter of these connections is called the Dark Tower. Although the Dark Tower has domain over every conceivable universe, it is only accessible from one: Mid-World (“Dark Tower”). Stephen King’s novel The Dark Tower mentions that the building “is surrounded by a huge field of roses called Can'-Ka No Rey” (King, The Dark Tower). In addition to the Dark Tower, there are six colossal, invisible beams that hold it up (“Dark
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All-World, also known as Mid-World, being the most important is divided into three drastically different regions: In-World, Mid-World, and End-World (“Mid-World”). The importance of having these three regions is? (what is the importance)... The center and heart of civilization,the In-World, fell victim of a strange phenomenon that warped the laws of space and time making it inhospitable for most (“Mid-World”). Stephen King uses this region in all of his books to signify… what? The End-World is essentially a wasteland and a buffer between the Dark Tower and the world's inhabitants (“Mid-World”). Explain the significance here…. Another major location in Stephen King’s multiverse is Keystone Earth. It is his literary personification of our world; however, not all the towns are real (“Keystone Earth”) . For instance, Jerusalem's Lot, Castle Rock, Derry, Haven, and Ludlow are all made up towns in Maine, USA.. King chose to have the main location in Maine because? Explain why… King built numerous other worlds; however, they only appear in their respective books and do not contribute greatly to the multiverse. This is important because… why? A parallel dimension of Keystone Earth, a dream world, a world behind a painting, a dimension of chaos, and a post-apocalyptic world. Each of these worlds work together in perfect unison in order to…? , but whichever misfortunes…show more content…
In doing so, he established a hierarchy in which each of these creatures fall into a respective niche (Emily Gaudette). The All-Timers are immortal “gods” who are the creators/destroyers of the multiverse (Emily Gaudette). It is not specifically mentioned in any of King’s novels of who the All-Timers are, but fans narrowed it down to Maturin, the guardians of the beams, Gan, the Crimson King and/or IT. The ones that would fit under the “creator” category are Maturin, the guardians of the beams and Gan. Maturin is the name for the creator of the whole multiverse as stated in the novel IT; also one of the twelve guardians. Gan turned himself into the Dark Tower in order to add structure to all the universes (King, The Dark Tower). The “destroyers” include the Crimson King and IT. In The Dark Tower series, the Crimson King “is the orchestrator of the chaos and decay in the Keystone World and much of that in all the other worlds connected by the Dark Tower” (Crimson King). This would indicate that he only wants demolition instead of short-lived pleasure like power, money and/or fame. IT is another being whose sole purpose is to consume and corrupt the world around it. The creatures below these All-Timers are grouped into either Long-Timers or Short-Timers. Long-Timers are creatures who are not quite immortal but the closest thing to it (Emily Gaudette). Examples of beings that
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