Stephen King's Multiverse

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Stephen King’s multiverse is extraordinarily unique and different from this universe, but at the same time, his multiverse has similar contrasting underlying principles that govern all beings in his imaginary world as they do in the real world. King uses a specific building called the Dark Tower to represent birth and creation. It is recognised as the center of creation for everything in the Multiverse because it holds everything together. This structure resembles that of what a family or guardian would give to a child. For instance, the Dark Tower creates a hospitable environment for beings to thrive in while a typical family or guardian provides a safe home for their children to grow and develop. Another aspect that's important to the…show more content…
The first region In-World represents is the very first stages of human life: infancy and adolescence. This sector fell victim of a strange phenomenon that warped the laws of space and time making it a strange and confusing place. When a baby is born into the world, it sees everything around it as new and perplexing. This baffling experience soon becomes a thing of the past, but concepts like time and the acknowledgement of the space around them stay foreign in their minds; until they reach their teen years. You still need an example to show this. Mid-World, being the next one out from In-World, represents the stages of life from teen to young-adult. This is also the area of this imaginary plain of existence where most of the denizens reside and is therefore the place with the most action and conflict. After the developmental phases of life, humans start to make decisions and choices to influence their own lives. Choosing a college, a major, a partner to spend the rest of your years with are just a few milestones everyone faces. Naturally, they come with their fair share of conflicts and frustrations. Give an example - connect to King’s books. The last area named End-World has large uninhabited wastelands. This symbolizes elderhood and death. When a human reaches this point in their life they spend lots of their time to reflect and reminisce. Almost as if they were walking through vast, open and dead fields to find meaning and purpose in what's left of their decaying mind. The dying land being their bodies and minds while and the walking metaphorical figure being their conscious. King used these different sections and made they so detailed to illustrate the cycle of life every human being goes
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