Stephen Maloney: Caring Krewes In New Orleans

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Stephen Maloney claimed that krewes such as Rex has done some charitable work in the passage “Caring krewes in New Orleans.” For example, Rex has created a foundation aimed at the rebuilding of New Orleans after Katrina. He informed us that the foundation by Rex was called “Pro Bono Publico Foundation” which is Latin "for the public good" and has been their motto since 1872. Rex has always been compiled with civic leaders who spend a lot of time working with nonprofits. Rex decided to put their resources together and create an effort that would help with the Mardi Gras spirit and city recovering. Maloney informed that Mardi Gras was only about throwing beads and present parades but now it is an important part of the community that is cherished…show more content…
Charles Avenue and Napoleon. Over $30,000 was raised during Project Gold for the police foundation to help pay overtime expenses of police officers during Mardi Gras. Project Purple worked with public schools is funded through membership donations and business sponsorships. Within 30 days, fundraising efforts for the season raised $100,000, which is beyond any of their expectations. The goal was to raise $200,000 by the end of Carnival season. Melvin Amore, Zulu Social Aid, and Pleasure Club assistant financial secretary, donated time and money to schools and charities throughout its 99-year history (Maloney 1). Orpheus organization focuses on improving education and Zulu debutantes get college scholarships while members volunteer and serve as role models within the community. “Muses Community Involvement Committee, said her krewe donates a free ride to an honorary Muse and $5,000 to her charity of choice each year” (Maloney 1). Krewes are doing good in the community and actually care about Mardi Gras and the happiness it brings to everyone. This is a credible and reliable source because the passage came from a recommended database. It was an interesting source because it covered the giving side of krewes. In today 's time, krewes are more than an organization that parties and throws parades, they give back to the community. I can incorporate this ext into my research paper by explaining the importance of a krewe for the community. Their charitable acts will shed a new light to some already preconceived thoughts about
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