Covey's 7 Habits

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Leadership personality has always been a key interest subject for me. I have always looked to find which criteria a leader should achieve or what are the characteristics they have already mastered that make them a leader? I still search for the answer of the questions. Human behavior is one of the key factors that count a lot in this regard. Probably the differences of behavior from person to person have made people leaders and employees. I read several journals, magazines and books that are written on leadership. I have got the idea from them. But the message of Stephen R. Covey noted in his book "the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" has affected me a lot. His 7 habits of highly effective people find me in complete agreement
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A project manager can be a marketer, trouble shooter, team leader with central decision making abilities and such. Covey’s end picture in mind puts everyone with a target while the first things at first makes people to prioritize the priorities. The Win/Win is focused on relating outcome with constraints and challenges to get resolved. Douglas also inferred that Covey’s point on understanding is clearly set for communication and synergize aspect focuses on profit or benefit maximization through effective usage of resources by coordination and cooperation. Lastly the saw sharpening is the growth of the person and his adoption of continuous process improvement. In below all these habits are described (Douglas…show more content…
Stephen says, “Self- awareness enables us to stand and examine even the way we ‘see’ ourselves – our paradigm, the most fundamental paradigm of effectiveness.” I personally believe that being proactive means being resourcefulness and it is far better than being a reactive person. Because proactive people know where to invest time and effort to control them effectively. It is very hard to change the habit, but it is not that much difficult that one cannot change it at all. I should tell one thing that is our surrounding environment has a great effect on us and we can 't change that effect but what we can do is to change ourselves. That is the most effective and the easiest task (Quick MBA Management n.d.).
Moreover, there are three kinds of determinism –genetic, psychic and environmental. I believe that among the three, environmental determinism is the most powerful one, although people don 't have control over it, but people can ignore and adapt to it. People who can conquer it can conquer the world of success. We should not make any argument with each other if we do
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