Stephenie Meyer's Persuasive Essay: Banned Book Twilight

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Banned Book Twilight Reading books can spark a person’s interest in become an author. Books aren’t the only things to influence a person, but dreams can too. Dreams can later turn into a book. On December 2003, Stephenie Meyer had a dream that changed her life forever.wrote a book based on her dream about vampires. Meyer wrote the Twilight series, which was banned for religious beliefs and sexual content. Stephenie Meyer Is a Mormon (“The Twilight saga” 4) born in Hartford, Connecticut (Albert 12). Meyer’s parents are Candy and Stephen Morgan (Albert12). Stephenie Meyer’s unusual name spelling came from her father, which she called a “gift” who added the “ie” at the end of her name (“Biography” 1). Stephenie is the second child out of 6 children…show more content…
(“About banned books and censorship” 3). Twilight was banned because schools believe the content is too sexual and goes against religious beliefs (Dickson 1). Religious activists also didn’t like that the younger fan base wanted to become vampires themselves (“The Twilight saga” 4). Vampire books in general accumulated a host of complains in 2009 (Stephenie Meyer joins rans ranks of ‘most challenged’ authors 3). Schools wanted to make sure the students to make sure the students realize it’s fictitious and don’t’ have a wrong grasp on reality (Dickson 3). The Twilight books are among the books that have received the most calls to be banned from U.S. libraries. Twilight was 5th in the top 10 most challenged tittles of 2010 (Stephenie Meyer joins rans ranks of ‘most challenged’ authors 1 & 10). I disagree about why the book was banned because everyone has the right to express their ideas through writing and shouldn’t be banned because someone is offended about what they found in the book that they didn’t like. People shouldn’t keep others from enjoying the book. I recommend the book to anyone that enjoys reading about vampires and werewolves. I really enjoyed the Twilight series. It was very entertaining book.The Twilight series Twilight made me want to keep reading to see what happens next. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight is considered banned because groups thought it was too sexual and other’s thought that I went against religious
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