Stepmother And Stepsister In Ah-Ling's Yeh-Shen

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In the story, Yeh-Shen, by Ai-Ling Louie which takes place in southern China, the reader learns what comes around goes around. For example, Yeh-Shen had no respect from her stepmother and stepsister, so at the end the prince love Yeh-Shen but is not allowing them to visit. “Not long after this, she, married the king. Because of the stepmother and stepsister treatment of Yeh-Shen, the king forbid them to come too he palace.” (pg. 3) The stepmother and stepsister most likely never thought of Yeh-Shen ever marrying the prince. The stepmother and stepsister now regret treating Yeh-Shen the way they did. In conclusion, Yeh-Shen had a very difficult life until the prince found her and married her.
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