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Application Of Stereochemistry stereochemistry 9/10/2014 Submitted by: Amna Arshad Submitted to: ma’am Rubina Semester : 5th Stereochemistry Stereochemistry is branch of chemistry which deals with 3D (three dimensitional) arrangement of atoms and molecules. Stereoisomers Stereoisomerism defined as two or more isomerism has same molecular formula but different structure formula. Stereochemistry basically describe the stereoisomers and explain the whole spectrum of inorganic, organic, physical, biological and particularly supramolecular chemistry. Enantiomers Enantiomers defined as two compounds (stereoisomers) which are mirror image of each other. Chiral It is a type of stereoisomers in which the structure and its mirror image are not…show more content…
Most of molecules present in living organisms are amino acid, carbohydrate and phospholipids are Chiral molecules. BioMolecules All BioMolecules are Chiral in nature and have application in stereochemistry. BioMolecules are like amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates (sugars) are Chiral in nature. Proteins are built from L-amino acids are Chiral in nature and drugs, taste, biopharmaceuticals are Chiral in nature. Role of Stereochemistry as Drug Chiral Drugs Chiral drugs play important role in pharmaceuticals. Chiral drug give benefits to human beings. It has greater selectivity for their biological targets so it improved therapeutic indices and adverse or dangerous effect reduces by using chiral drugs present in medicine have great dosing frequency. Chiral drug decreased individual variability. Captopril It is stereoisomers or chiral drug play role in human body and used for treat high blood pressure of human body. Its structural formula is…show more content…
Glycogen is present in form of alpha branched chain of glucose molecule with two bonds 1-4 glycoside bond and 1-6 glycoside bond. Human have little quantity of glycogen present in muscles and liver. It is present when high blood sugar levels. Insulin secretes pancreas which converted glucose to glycogen and it is use as main form of energy. Humans use glycogen in energy form. Glucose The glucose is a monosaccharide present in diet in form of hexose monosaccharide. It is present in fruits , vegetables, honey etc. D-glucose (C6H12O6) is a blood sugar. Glucose store in liver and muscles in form of glycogen and provides the energy of human beings. Fructose Fructose has molecular formula of C6H12O6. Fructose has same molecular formula as the molecular formula of Glucose but different structure. The structure of fructose differs from glucose at carbon 1 and 2 positions due to change of carbonyl group. Fructose is sweet sugar occur in nature. It is present in fruits and vegetables like tomato, potato etc. fructose is basically isomers of glucose and fructose converted into isomer glucose then it enter in blood stream. It is a source of energy for human beings.

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