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Today, with the growing trend stereotactic biopsy, the management of brain mass lesions also been changed. Stereotactic biopsy through a small hole in the skull and done under local anesthesia and the total time for a brain biopsy to obtaining a sample is approximately 2 hours. As a result, this reduces the risk of complications for this reason most patients with a morning visit and biopsy will be able to be discharged after a night under observation period. Stereotactic biopsy provides the possibility to anywhere in the cranial cavity to be able to provide samples, including third ventricle, the region of the hypothalamus, brain stem, and posterior fossa. Stereotactic biopsy to detect any type of brain tumor seems feasible.
In determining any point within the cranial cavity of the basic principles of mathematics are used. In fact, using three coordinate points. In this way, by means of needle biopsy guided stereotactic and application of the three coordinates of the point already in radiologic images such as CT and MRI were done. Then, using the small size of samples
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Preparation: The patient had mentioned the night before and the day of surgery his/her hair wash with antibacterial soap. In addition, it was also noted that patients are fasting from the night before, except eating medicines that the patient’s has already been taken.
Frame Placement: The head frame after the initial preparation and intravenous line (IV) fixation, the patient is sent to the operating room for the procedure. After that frame for stereotactic biopsy by a neurosurgeon applied on the patient's head. It is worth mentioning that the frame is fixed by four pins on the patient's head. As well as a local anesthesia is done in these four locations (on each side of your forehead and two in the back of your head), which causes normal feeling the pressure after the placement of the head

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