Stereotypes: A Personal Experience Of Cultural Misunderstandings

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Not having experienced such a cultural misunderstanding myself, all I can relate to is the way my cultures incorrectly stereotype other cultures. In my case, since I don 't only belong to one culture, I have a broad understanding of how it feels to be stereotyped. As an American, I?ve seen how some of us sometimes make stereotypes of people from the middle East. As a Mexican, I?ve often seen the common stereotype that all Mexicans eat tacos everyday and illegally cross the US border. Another example is a common assumption, especially amongst Hispanics, that at the sight of a person with Asian features, must be from China, that?d make me a perpetrator in this case. In other words, I?ve been the victim and the perpetrator of a cultural misunderstanding without even realizing it. Muslims and other races from the Middle East have been stereotyped as ?terrorists? in America for a long time. One well known tragedy is 9/11, although there are many theories on who caused this devastating event, many believe that a Muslim person caused this. Ever since…show more content…
Maybe racism isn?t a big problem in this area of America, but in a lot of other places it is. I?ve heard of stories where Mexican-American people are looked down to because of their skin color and the assumption that they?re illegal immigrants. However, they fail to see that America is a country with a lot of cultures and races, and that not everyone with brown skin is Mexican, and that not every Mexican is a ?wet back? as we?re offensively referred to by some people. Understandably, I agree to the fact that not everyone should be allowed to enter the US, however, a lot of these people might be already going through emotional and financial problems, and it?d be a relief if to them if they knew that they wouldn?t be discriminated and that they?d be treated equally to everyone, papers or not, because they?re also human

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