Stereotypes Against Battered Women

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One of the issues raised by the film was stereotypes against battered women. Most of the people interviewed were family members of Melvin who took his side. They represent the victim as someone nice and quiet who would not hurt anyone. They did not believe Shirley was being abused because of victim character as nice and quiet. They also give reasons such as there are no bruises on her face, they never saw them argue, and why didn 't she leave. These stereotypes are used against all battered women however, most abusers choose parts of body that are covered and no one can see and they are really nice around other people, but very cruel to their wife. Also, one of victim 's Sister in-law said there was a car and she could have left when he was away, but Shirley insist he chained her in the basement when he leaves. This stereotypes about battered women make Shirley and many other women who are battered not to press charges and when they do nobody believes them.…show more content…
The jurors who were interviewed said there was not enough evidence and if there was it would have change the verdict.Even though the defense of battered women was not acceptable back then if her attorney brought the information about her abuse, even if it might not completely change the outcome at least he could have used as mitigating circumstance. In addition the trial is held by a judge who confuse the battered women syndromes with self-defense. It looks like even if the information about her abuse presented and the battered woman syndrome defence can be used the judge misinterpretation about battered women syndrome would have affect the case and the judgment in negative
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