Stereotypes Against Police Brutality

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In this world today, there are many cases of police brutality going on right now. For some cases, police shouldn’t have acted the way that they did. There are multiple reasons for why police brutality occur and must be removed for it to occur less. Police brutality happens to all races, but the main race is African American people. There are a lot of stereotypes about African American people that they are violent, aggressive, part of gangs, and so on. Why? There are many rap songs that are about drugs, killing people, gangs, women, and most of those rap artists are African American. Rap stands for rhymes and poetry and this type of music was a way to fight the power to get out of their social situation of racism. Some time in the rap history, …show more content…

Just because a white officer kills a black man, that incident is most likely automatically viewed as a race issue . Ever since the Michael Brown incident, police have been hated greatly. The hate became so bad, and man and a woman killed two police officers who were eating at a pizza restaurant in Las Vegas. Why did this happen? Because of the labels the media is putting on police officers and is only making things worse. People need to realize not all police are racist and should not be viewed that way just like how African Americans should not be viewed as thugs, gang members etc. The only way to end police brutality is if we remove these stereotypes from both sides. Overall there are multiple reason for police brutality which are stereotypes of African Americans, stereotypes for police, and the media. One major stereotype is that all African Americans are violent, aggressive, part of gangs, and do drugs. Another stereotype is that police officers hate black people and are racist. All these stereotypes are being promoted by the media and must be removed for police brutality to occur less

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