Stereotypes And Change In Today's Pride And Prejudice

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The world is ever changing, things like social norms, deviance, race, social status or classes, gender biases and stereotypes are evolving. Today, we want to change what we know as safe and challenge it, with thinking twice about it, we like the idea of changing history. The movie chose to analyze is the 2005 version of “Pride and Prejudice” due to it is based in the early 1800s, and within these last two hundred years, it has changed in every way.

The movie “Pride and Prejudice” is about a young couple falling in love during the early 18th century. The main characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, had a physical desire from the first moment the notice each other at the ball, where her sister Mary was to meet her husband Mr. Bentley, a
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Between now and in the 1800s, the idea of what deviance has changed, Sparknotes defines deviance as “The word deviance connotes odd or unacceptable behavior, but in the sociological sense of the word, deviance is simply any violation of society’s norms.” ( In today’s society, people get way with a lot more than they were able to do in throughout history, things like clothing and music has changed. During the movie, there was two huge examples that were contrasted very well, the first has changed today then it was in that time frame; being they way a gentlemen talked to and behaved around a woman and secondly the social status becoming mixed when becoming married. Today, men have a lack of respect for women, they insulting them, hitting them and many leave them in their time of need, like pregantency. In Jane Austen (author of the original book) version of how a man should treat a women, they should flatter them, court them, and make the women feel comfortable. The social classes or social status, today mix all the time, but in the movie if was an act deviance, because normally a noble class does not married a middle class
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