Stereotypes And Humorous People

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Humorous people are not advised to talk about racism because the things they say can potentially get misinterpreted and offend people. As read in the article, News One, a comedian stated that, “I thought when we elected a black president we were going to get a black president, you know the one where he lifts up his shirt and you see the gun in his pants,” (Maher 1). Maher is stereotyping all black people to being gang affiliated. He labels them as a very negative group of people. Black people took this comedian 's words to heart. Not only were they crushed inside, but they felt discriminated and alone. This is just one reason why comedians should not speak up about racial point of views. In the report from, The Hollywood Reporter, another comedian said, “President Obama is a personal friend of mine. He was over to the house yesterday, but the mop broke,” (MacLaine 1). MacLaine is mocking President Obama 's ethnicity. He is referring to slavery and all the work they had to do. Many people took this comment offensively. His choice of words were baffling. It affected many colored people because of their background. No comedian should have the right to throw any race under the bus. They never know who it is going to hit home with.…show more content…
Some may argue that comedians and humorous people are allowed to talk about racism because they are so funny; but no human being should be able to talk about anyone else poorly because of the color of their
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