Stereotypes And Misconceptions

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Incorrect stereotypes and misconceptions about certain groups of people can have a devastating impact on one’s future. Many of these stereotypes and misconceptions have been passed down from previous generations and some are based on false assumptions or lack of education. Stereotypes are a label that categorizes a group of people for behaving or thinking a certain way. Misconceptions are created by stereotypes and are based on untruths. We have stereotypes and misconceptions because many individuals learn to be biased from one’s parents or society. The stereotypes and misconceptions of people with diabetes are so severe that most people do not care about finding a cure for the disease. Many people who are not diabetic do not understand the difficulties a person with diabetes goes through on a daily basis, thus diabetic people should be furthermore examined. Diabetic people need to be better understood in order for society to stop stereotyping these individuals as people who don’t take care of themselves. Individuals in society continuously make assumptions about how a group of people behave or speak. A stereotype is a widely believed mental image of a group of people-- which is based on truth, but is usually exaggerated. Stereotypes are very common and people use them on a day-to-day basis. We learn stereotypes from parents, grandparents, friends, significant others, social media, and much more. Some people feel the need to stereotype other individuals because it 's a way

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