Stereotypes And Misconceptions In Batman And Robin

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Light and darkness are not a working pair or even in a case of gradience but what if instead it was called stereotypes and misconceptions. Now these two subjects are Batman and Robin when it comes to “labeling” individuals and groups. A stereotype is an idea or image we perceive when assuming specific traits and characteristics when looking at groups or individuals. However, a misconception is an opinion that assumes the worst due to misleading information about groups or individuals apart of those groups. Nowadays misconceptions and stereotyping are so common due to the lack of interest and not really being able to relate to the groups one would not know anything about. Females involved in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics otherwise known as STEM should be better understood due to the decrease of women in high demanding fields because of pretentious gender gaps. Stereotypes and misconceptions mislead the hard known truth to individuals and groups around society. One might stereotype due to assumptions leading them to categorize individuals in group membership. However, not all stereotypes and misconceptions are bad, they can be positive or negative. For example, in the article “About Men” written by Gretel Ehrlich she explains “The physical punishment that goes with cowboying is greatly under-played”(42). Ehrlich is not referring to the cowboys in a negative way, but she is referring them as to hard workers that deeply underline the physical strength their

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