Stereotypes And Misconceptions In Marriage

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Through the years there are many stereotypes and the misconceptions that have been passed down from generation to generation that have affected the roles in a marriage. Stereotypes have developed from having some truth ,but that truth being exaggerated to a certain point. Misconceptions are the result of creating stereotypes towards groups of people that is based on untruths. Both stereotypes and misconceptions is how people view each other or as said “put into a category”. Whether it 's someone 's race, religion, the color of their hair or simply the style of clothes worn, there is a group one will be assumed to be a part of. It’s not of what is taken from getting to know a person, but of what he/she is assumed to be like. Even in the happy ending every little girl dreams to happen to her, stereotypes and misconceptions exist. Women are not to be looked at only from the nurturing side of them, there is more to a woman’s use than to prepare a meal, take care of children and submit to their husband and stereotypes and misconceptions are to blame. When meeting new people the first thing noticed is how one looks or the way he/she portrays themselves. The first instinct is not to get to know someone because in reality that one look categorizes someone in an instant, this is known as stereotyping. It’s using the truth of someone to assume other characteristics and abilities of the rest of the members in a group. For instance, when watching a movie about a high school love story

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