Stereotypes and Misconceptions about Runners

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Misconceptions can be found all around including, in stores, schools, or parks; and where they are most commonly discovered is on stereotypes that are given to groups of individuals by society. Stereotypes which are truths or exaggerated truths about a group can grow and become untruths known as misconceptions. Many people stereotype other individuals due to their insufficient understanding about the group and their tendency of judging based off of appearance rather than what lies on the inside. However, when an individual assumes when little details about a group are displayed; misconceptions are made and can be passed down making it difficult to convince individuals that they are untrue. Misconceptions about athletes from a wide variety are very common one of which is about female runners. Female runners are commonly misconceived as non competitive, healthy eaters, and being slower than male runners but in actuality, female runners diets are the same as any other individual and they are as competitive and fast as males. The reason behind the existence of stereotypes and misconceptions is due to an inadequate understanding about a…show more content…
In fact, in “Can Clean Eating Be Unhealthy” by Nicki Miller, Miller reveals, “Dr. Neeru Bakshi, the medical director at the Eating Recovery Center’s Washington facility, explains that people can have a problem when they “go rogue” from healthy diets to push them further. In an effort to be healthier, they can actually do the opposite,” (Miller). This piece of information shows that continuously consuming healthy products can affect an individual negatively. The assumption that females aren’t as aggressive as males is a misconception and the idea that males are faster than females is a stereotype because some women are faster than
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