Girly Girl Persuasive Speech

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been judged by what people think of you and not by who you truly are? This is called a misconception and can also be known as stereotyping. Stereotypes and misconceptions are used to look at a group of people in a certain way based on what society has made them seem like or based on an exaggerated truth. Stereotypes are one 's beliefs based on some truths, usually exaggerated, to categorize a group of people. Misconceptions are formed from stereotypes and are usually rumors with no truth behind it. Many stereotypes and misconceptions have been developed from many years back, along these lines, we’ve adapted to these stereotypes and misconceptions to name people by a specific title according to what…show more content…
A girly girl isn 't always a girl with a pink outfit, it can be any girl with a girly personality. Being part of a club or a sport is going against the stereotype of girly girls not being involved in extracurricular activities but many of girly girls invest their time volunteering in local organizations instead of wasting time by shopping. Being a 4.0 student is also against girly girl “morals”, a significant amount of these girls are straight A students that achieve for greater things in life. Being nice and polite to classmates is another rule breaker in girly girl stereotypes, numerous girly girls are genuinely nice to acquaintances but it takes a person to meet a girly girl in order to know how she really is. Wearing a the color pink or sparkling clothes does not mean you’re a girly girl. As a matter of fact, a predominance amount of girly girls like to wear any color, including the color black, as long as an adorable outfit is the outcome behind this. After all, if individuals take the time to meet a girly girl they would see that these girls are not what people make them seem
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