Stereotypes And Prejudice In Zootopia

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Zootopia is a Disney movie that contains metaphors about issues such as prejudice, stereotype and racial discrimination in the real world. I might judge the movie before I watch it because it is a Disney movie, that often makes movies for kids. In the movie, the bunny-Judy and the fox- Nick was both victims of bullying when they are younger. It shows that they went through a different pathway, but end up in the same position. This movie is not only for children to have fun on, it allows the adults to think a lot because in just two hours, the film complete map out the reality of the world. For example, in the film, carnivores are a minority group compared to herbivores, just as African Americans are in the American society. Zootopia most wanted to oppose is the reality stereotype and prejudice. As lion represents the king, fox represents tricky, bunnies is not suitable for police, herbivores are weak and carnivores are savage… As shown in the movie, large herbivores think that bunny is incapable of being a police officer, so they send it to be a traffic police. However, as the movie goes on, Judy shows everyone that she is capable of being a police officer just like the other huge size animals…show more content…
The central focus of the second half of the film’s story was that herbivores are afraid of the carnivores. Since they think that the carnivores are too savage; might threaten their lives, reflecting the psychological attitudes as some white Americans to African ethnic groups; while the role of the villain, the sheep- Dawn Bellwether is considered white as a representative of superiority. Which was similar to the situation on Donald Trump that he had racist attitudes toward others that are poor. In addition, Judy feels offended when she reports that she is “cute”. by the leopard officer- Benjamin Clawhauser when she arrives at the police office. This is a reference to the word “nigger” that is considered taboo in the united
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