Stereotypes And Society's Influence On Our World

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People all over the world have different stories how they become their true selves. Many people are influenced by their surroundings. It could be filled with stereotypes, or racial mindsets. Stereotypes do not define who people are. The way people think about these things could be influenced by the environment they are in. The community people live in, family, friends and society are all environments that influence them daily. The place people call home, the area that they are so familiar with, can and will impact them. Wherever people live, it influences them so much, it changes how they think, act and how they react to things. For example, if one lives in a really poor and dangerous side of a town, they could fall into drugs and violence because that is what is surrounding…show more content…
It influences them to change to be like everyone else. For instance, social media has so much impact on people. They want to be look like every celebrity they want to throw away their uniqueness to blend in. This environment that they live day by day changes how they think of themselves and others. Every human being is influenced by everyone else’s actions, how they act, react, and think. However, this society they are greatlyimpacted by holds them back to realize what is happening. Society is such a powerful thing in this world, it influences them to be better, but sometimes it influences them in a negative way. In conclusion, many people grew up in different environments they are all different from each other because they have experienced different things. They are all influenced by different things that’s how they become themselves. They are impacted by their location, family, friends and society. They can be influenced by their environment in positive ways and also negative ways. They also learn from them and become more unique. They develop from these environments and so they can learn to evolve in this

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