Stereotypes Turn Out To Create False Images For Certain Group Of People

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Everybody has their own misconceptions of others, but how did stereotypes turn out to create false images for certain groups of people? Misconceptions are views or opinions that appear to be incorrect about a person. The misconceptions that are talked about these days often are from movies and tv shows that are watched everyday by millennials. They create a false image of particular people or things which get believed by young adults and kids. Stereotypes also have an effect on the generations of today because they are general characteristics that people believe represent a particular person or group. Individuals and groups have stereotypes made about them due to people judging them, but in reality they don 't know them personally to be able…show more content…
Often misconceptions are made leading people to become frustrated because its one 's opinion that usually appears to be false and incorrect about them. The misconceptions made about entrepreneurs are often very incorrect because it 's an individual 's personal opinion of somebody they don 't know or have any relation to. They accumulate their opinions based off of others opinions and what the media or internet has to say about people that fit into that group. Also stereotypes are often circulated around about entrepreneurs due to the way certain top individual entrepreneurs behave and express themselves to the public. Stereotypes are something that have been around for years and still continue to affect the way entrepreneurs and other groups of people are portrayed and looked at by others. The generations of today continue to believe some of the stereotypes made about entrepreneurs in order to classify all entrepreneurs as one group and type of person when everybody is different in their own way. Female Entrepreneurs specifically are looked at differently compared to males because guys are portrayed as being more smart and strong, but girls have shown that those statements are not true. Some of the stereotypes said about female entrepreneurs go back to how they are not respected by others or taken professionally because they are not supposed to be able to make it on their
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