Stereotypes In The Modern World

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The world is full of people of different nationalities, race, mentality, culture, physical ability, age and etc. There is one belief that categorise group of people, region and country which is named as a "Stereotype". Stereotypes can be for both groups or individuals and for actions we are doing as well. People of every nation can be victim of stereotyping. One of the interesting facts that the word stereotype means cliché in French and both is used in negative meaning in modern life. However the meaning and usage are different as cliche is a term that used for theme, expression, phrase which common for usage of every people while stereotype is unfair belief of people about particular group of beings or action. We accustomed to categorise…show more content…
In spite of the fact that woman make up half of the employees in large corporations, still a notion of women 's inequality to men always consist. However, we can surely say women take high-positions in society than before. From history we know that all women did not have right for vote, to work, go outside in clothes they like. They just considered to be servant and take care after their child. But now everything has changed. We can be aware of changes comparing Asian and European countries. Asian history says that women were counted as the lowest memebers of society and not long ago Japanese women under forty could not leave house without any good reason, but know a great deal of good changes for the roles of woman in society and at workplace has been made. More and more young women go to colleges for making career after graduating. When many Chinese women of 20s and 30s were asked to compare life to their mothers ' had they undoubtedly said that they have much better off life and they counted themselves as a lucky ones who work in air-conditioned factories or offices, can work in different positions and have ability to travel and for having and running their own businesses. An interesting fact of government census of China 2000 showed that country has boys are more for twenty percent than girls. This shows that four boys will be competing for the hand of one girl…show more content…
Stereotypes can have bade influence on motivation, they can cause for stress of stereotyping group. If criticized person could not be able to do anything for peoples ' beliefs they start to become isolated and feel lonely. Despite making much attention to peoples ' mistakes we should start paying more attention to how each person is unique. Our first president Islom Karimov said " Woman is a teacher, a doctor, a cook, an architect, an engineer, a designer, an actress, a singer. Woman is sister, wife and mother" and "the society that do not appreciate females will be collapsed". In conclusion, our whole world is connected with woman. Women is the only being that can work in jobs, earn money, supply family like men and at the same time care for the child, do the households and look pretty. All facts and perceptions show that stereotypes about women are unreliable, ergo let 's keep stereotypes out of the picture for not to be victims ourselves and stop judging people even before you get to

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