Stereotypes In 12 Angry Men

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The film, 12 angry men is about 12 members of the jury that is trying to solve a trial of a murder. There is a juror named, Henry Fonda. Throughout the argument the jurors were really biased. There were many attributions in the film. One of it is when Henry Fonda made the point when the boy got pushed around all his life and he was treated really poorly. This is called external attributions. It was the way the boy was treated all his life. It is not something that naturally just happened or his character inherited. Lee J. Cobb, is the angry guy in the film. He agreed with the slum kid idea. He also pointed out the fact that kids today do not have any respect or any sense of morality. Ed Begley, he is the very racist guy. He is also one of…show more content…
The jurors also argued that if the boy went back to go get the knife, he must be really motivated to hide the evidences of the crime even though there is a big chance of him getting caught. Many jurors have racial bias and a lot of stereotypes about kids that grew up in the slums and also who belong to certain racial groups/ethnicity. This stereotypes and racial slurs led to biased interpretations of the evidence. The jurors also led to conformation bias. For example, a lot of jurors expected that the boy was guilty. Many judges said the boy was guilty so mostly everyone said that too due to group pressure. Another scenario was when they voted by raising their hands, a lot of jurors later was not sure if the boy was guilty. They also looked around them to see who has their hands up. But when they voted on paper and it was anonymous, not all comply. Another example of conformity is when Jack Klugman, he used to be a slum kid, he did not say much at first and he seemed to be not sure about whether the boy was not guilty or guilty. He was a slum kid himself and he just went along with them instead of expressing his own opinions. Joseph Sweeney, he conformed in the public vote but he switched his votes when it was
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