Stereotypes In A Swinging Lifestyle

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So what exactly is swinging? The question that has baffled curios folk for years. With Hollywood and television so often portraying the swinging lifestyle as a sleazy affair with a bowl full of keys and leering middle aged men. It is important to try and diminish those stereotypes. Known by a number of other names such as swapping, partner sharing and the more formal hedonism. We take a look at the top 8 most common misconceptions. Number Eight: Swingers Have Meaningless Sex With People They Will Never See Again Ok. Yes there are many one stands and some may mean more than others. However one of the best parts of being in a swinging lifestyle so to speak is the long lasting friendships that are made throughout the experience. Basically sex is…show more content…
In fact it is a completely different story. With the majority of people involved living a somewhat 'normal ' lifestyle. Many swingers have kids and work regular 9-5 jobs. Therefore being careless with regards to using protection is something that just doesn 't resonate with there everyday working lives. Number Six: Swingers Want To Have Sex With Everyone Many people stupidly believe that when they meet somebody who partakes in the odd swinging session. That they will also want to probably have sex with you. Sorry to break it to you but the swinging code is rock solid. Therefore if you are not actively involved in the practice then don 't just expect it to happen. Swingers are not constantly turned on and don 't have a need for sex every second of the day. Number Five: Swingers Are Sadists Again another stereotype so fondly adored. Swingers are not all leather wearing deviants, obsessed with sadism and fond of a slight smack on the backside. The Swinging lifestyle is actually believe it or not one of the tamer sexual groups. With fantasies varying from one person to the next just like any other regular
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