Stereotypes In Advertising Essay

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Stereotypical Ads: Clorox Bleach Television ads have been around in the U.S since 1941 and have aired all around the world ever since. Most of these ads seem harmless and try to convince the viewer to buy the company 's products, but some companies take their ads a little too far. In 2007, Clorox Bleach aired a commercial called, “The Laundry Timeline.” This commercial was extremely stereotypical towards women, mentioning how women are the ones who do the laundry in the household and made the assumption that the woman 's’ parents and grandparents did the laundry in the family. In “The Laundry Timeline”, women are portrayed as house cleaners and useless in the working world, through the use of symbolic items, using the word “your” as an idea that the watcher is in the ad, and the idea of pathos to catch to the viewers attention, in order to get people to agree with their statement and to buy their product. Within the advertisement, “The Laundry Timeline” the video says “your” throughout the whole video. This tactic that the Clorox commercial uses is to make the people watching the video to question their identity by making the viewer question whether or not if they’re following the same footsteps as their parents or grandparents. When the advertisement does this, it tries to get into the viewer 's head to catch their…show more content…
With the idea of using the word “your” as an emotional or questioning tactic to get the viewer 's attention still in mind, the idea of pathos now comes into play. This ad uses pathos, the tactic of using emotions to catch the viewer 's attention in order to get their product across. The main feeling that this ad attacks is the memories of the viewer, trying to get them to remember the idea of their mother or female guardian doing their laundry. In many cases, pathos is one of the most effective ways of getting a viewer to buy or get the product being viewed. The way this ad uses pathos is pathetic, due to the fact that they’re using it in such a
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