Stereotypes In American Movies

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United States is the multiethnic country with many people from different countries come to live together. They work and share their life with each other. They share a lot of things that including entertainment, so American movies and films also have many effects on people in the world. It is not only American actors can play a good character in their movie, but other Asian actors also can do, too. However, American writers and directors still have a stereotype to Asian actors. They chose American actors instead of American Asian actors in Asian movies. Even though American actors can have a facial expression look like Asian, but the ways they act and talk might not exactly the same. It can cause of boring movie or misunderstand about cultural.…show more content…
The Hollywood writers and directors have a social responsibility to avoid stereotyping ethnic characters because of several reasons: helping connect the audiences with movies, encouraging Asian actors to be more active, and having a good feedback from the audiences to their movie. First of all, the Hollywood writers and directors should have a social responsibility to avoid stereotyping ethnic characters that help to connect the audiences with their movie. Movie is very popular in the entertainment, so there are many people watch movie when they have free time to relax. The number of people watching the movie is not only the American people, but also many Asian or other ethnics. They do not like a stereotype movies. If the movie specially stereotype, it might not interest people because they might feel bad about it, and might leave a negative…show more content…
Usually, when the audiences watch movie in the theater or on the Internet, they will give a feedback on it. To receive a good review from the audiences, if the movie is written for a specific group or culture, the directors should choose a person who is in that group to play the character. It is going to be more realistic. For example, Dragon Ball is a famous cartoon movie from Japan that interests many people. However, when the Dragon Ball evolution is published, the main character is played by Justin Chatwin, it was not perfect. The audiences think that only the name is similar. That made the movie become badly and as far away from the original story. Therefore, the rate of this movie is lower and the amount of audiences is decreasing. The culture of each ethnic group is not the same at all, so it is hard to replace the character in Asian movie. Another example is a Last Airbender movie, it is a very famous movie and popular in Asia. However, M. Night Shyamalan decided to choose Noah Ringer to play Aang, it was receiving a lot of opposite response from the audiences. Therefore, it got a very low rating with only 2.8/10. Generally, the writers and directors have a social responsibility to avoid stereotyping ethnic character to make a good rate for their
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