The Audience's Identity As A Result Of Being Influenced By Animated Films

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In this essay, the topic of the audience’s identity as a result of being influenced by animated films will be discussed. Over the years, many types of animated films have been created, starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 by Walt Disney (Walt Disney Animation Studios, 2014). Since 1937, the animated film industry has grown hugely and in recent times exploded in popularity amongst all ages, not only the traditional target audience which was children. Many people watch these films and do not take much more than what is seen at face value, many take in the deep moral lessons which so many animated films attempt to teach the viewers, but not many people consider the implications of the influence from animated films and the actions…show more content…
This is seen in animated films such as Avatar when humans destroy the Hometree of the Omaticaya clan, as well as when Scar assassinated his own brother, Mufasa, in order to become king in the Lion King. These actions seem disturbing and most likely seen as unacceptable behaviour. However, these actions and influences can possibly be seen as a legitimate solution to getting ones way as a child. Disney and many other animated films are arguable the very first point of contact with life lessons and morals, and the implications are often to act in a way that is seen in films or on animated television channels (Gender roles in Disney films, n.d.). The desensitisation towards violence seen on the media and in films is a serious issue in today’s society and needs to be addressed. Depicting violence as an effective method to get ones way in children’s animated film plots, only starts desensitising the next generation from the youngest possible age. The implications of this on the identity of the audience, means that children could potentially mature to accept violence and use it frequently throughout their lives. These people will not be able to cope with their roles in a normal functioning society, leaving them labelled as misfits and
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